Ulster Project

...Of Massillon/Canton, Ohio

Our Mission

      Northern Ireland - picturesque and enchanting. The kind of place you'd like to visit on vacation. Many do. But for many years, the citizens of this beautiful land have been haunted by a tragic conflict that has claimed thousands of lives and damaged thousands more. Hardly anyone in Northern Ireland has not been touched, in some way, by "the Troubles", as they call it.

      The history of "the Troubles" is long and complex. Briefly put, the citizens of Northern Ireland are divided by religion and national identity - Protestants (British) versus Catholics (Irish). This centuries-old sectarian struggle reached a violent pinnacle in the 1970's, pitting neighbor against neighbor in a virtual civil war. The Ulster Project was founded, at that time, to break through the ancient hatred and bigotry, passed down through generations. That work continues, to this day.

      Our mission is to help young, Christian-based potential leaders from Northern Ireland and the United States become peace-makers... by providing them with a safe environment to learn, by practicing, the skills needed to unite people...when differences divide them.

The Belfast "Peace Wall"

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